Things have been kind of crazy around campus lately. We’ve just finished our big Christian Camp and Conference Association Super Sectional (CCCA). This event was astounding, it brought together camping leader from all around Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.  These conferences are places where people learn from one another and grow their ministries by support and ideas from different people!  At the Conference we had an Auction, this Auction is basically where camps bring old stuff they don’t have use for and sell it to other camps- one man’s trash is another mans treasure- especially in the camping world.  All of the proceeds from the Auction went to two different missions. The first  mission was the Corners of the Field initiative, this is an effort by the CCCA to send kids to camp who come from underprivileged areas. The second mission was to Camp Wilderness Ridge in Smithville, Texas. This all boys camp has  experienced two wildfires in 4 years destroying most of their property. We raised over $ 6,000 dollars in support of these missions and it was amazing how people just came together to buy things they didn’t even need just to raise funds for these missions.

Anyway, the Brethren Retreat Staff came back refreshed and ready for work! While Summer is only 3 months away, we still have a bunch of things going on in Springtime!!  In April we have the Spring Ladies Retreat, special guest speaker Kim Mishler will speak on the Power of Prayer and the importance of the Holy Spirit’s works in them.  Can I get an Amen? There is still time to sign up, for more information CLICK HERE!!

Following that we have a group of Rural Pastors who come to the Brethren Retreat to relax and refresh their lives. Ending our April month is the Brethren District conference where leaders in the Brethren Church come to talk about the life of it all.

It’s going to be a busy time preparing for Summer Camp  after April starts! We’re still looking for some counselors and facilitators for the Summer Camp Programs so if you know anyone who would be a good fit, direct them to our page! Camp is a rewarding experience and it’s important to the life of the children and the camp that we have invested leaders here.

Until next time.
Many Blessings

Brethren Retreat Staff