2022 Camp Shipshewana Schedule & Theme

2022 Camp Shipshewana Registration & Medical Form – It’s Now Available

2022 Camp Shipshewana Poster

2022 Camp Shipshewana Program Booklet – registration & medical form on page 13/14

Begin to recruit your favorite child(ren) to attend Camp Shipshewana 2022.  Please pray that God will bless the Brethren Retreat at Shipshewana Lake’s efforts to impact youth, refresh adults, and reconnect families  The Brethren Retreat staff are busy selecting quality counselors willing to lead your child in a closer walk with the Savior of the world – Jesus Christ. Begin to recruit your friends to join you at Camp Shipshewana 2022!

Come home again to the Brethren Retreat in 2022.


We are seeking photos of Camp Shipshewana activities, faces, and special scenic shots. Help us build a gallery of photos by emailing them to the Brethren Retreat Office. We just may offer a prize to highlight this activity.

We are also looking for older photos to build an archive to document our 100+ years of fun and spiritual growth on the south shores of Shipshewana Lake.

Are you good with words? Write a poem or story about your Camp Shipshewana experience or special memory. Send it to us. It just might end up in Centennial book for Camp Shipshewana Highlights & Memories.

Are you musically inclined? We are looking for a Camp Shipshewana Jingle. Got any ideas?